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The knives offered by ICAR are made of high-quality X45CrMoV15 N steel and manually hot forged in one piece following the ancient cutler tradition so that the material has more resistance.

ICAR products have a highly sought-after mirror polishing, a finishing effect for a great aesthetic value that makes these objects unique.

The handles are in black Micarta or natural blond horn.

Micarta is extremely resistant, and it is processed by hand to bring out its characteristic grains.

The natural blond horn is a very precious material that is extremely difficult to process, and the fine mirror polish exalts the veins making it absolutely like a semi-precious stone, the contrast adds originality and uniqueness to the blades.

Every piece is sharpened by hand by polishing it with a special leather grinder to enhance the cut and ensure that the edge lasts longer.

Our knives are tools designed to last; it is recommended to wash them by hand using neutral non-aggressive products, so the shine of the blade and handle last longer.

It is also recommended to dry the knives with a soft cloth immediately after washing them.

We shall guarantee an assistance service to restore the original shine to your cutlery by sharpening them and repairing any defects due to wear; you can contact us by mail and plan the maintenance of your knives with us.